The purpose of this document is to analyse communication options such as mail, chat, calls and video calls from the perspective of a privacy conscious individual.


Email is an open protocol and that is good because it means you can exchange emails with someone who uses an email server from a different company.

Through communication tools such as skype or Whatsapp, you can only communicate with people registered at the same company.


Riot-web is a chat application based on the matrix decentralised communication protocol.


The issue is that the desktop client requires a mobile phone with camera to be started. As of January 2020 I still use a nokia 3010 phone. I cannot install the signal application on that phone and this means that I cannot use signal on my desktop.


Skype was purchased by Microsoft. Screen sharing has a poor quality on Linux desktop.

Snail mail

Snail mail can be seen as an emotional form of communication through a physical medium: paper. You can smell it. You can touch it. You can drop a tear on it. You can tear it apart. You can burn it. It’s based on plants that were growing in a forest somewhere. It might have been recycled. It might have spend time in a trash bin.


Another chat application.


Why you should switch to signal or telegram (2018):

" A lot of people wondered why would a company such as Facebook pay so much money to acquire a company such as WhatsApp, which had absolutely no way of making money, yet. The (not so and subtly) obviously answer was, WhatsApp had collected a lot of user data, and that’s precious to the Gollum that is Facebook."

Whatsapp betrayed its user by sharing contact details with FaceBook for advertisement purposes:

“Today, we know that there’s a separate WhatsApp app for businesses. And now there are also reports that WhatsApp will soon start showing ads in users’ statuses, and in other places within the app ([1][2][3 BBC]). What this means is that WhatsApp and Facebook will start tracking everything you do on your phone to tailor ads to you. They will see your contacts list (which they already are, actually). This is a clear betrayal, for many users.”


Call with screen sharing in great quality.

Privacy policy